Control of sensitive access to the Nîmes University Hospital

General Health

When we launched the project to monitor the activity of our subcontractors, we had a choice between several major market players.

Then we heard about a very young company, Rubycat, and its PROVE IT solution.

After the product demonstration, the solution offered the expected functionalities: support for RDP and SSH protocols, “video” recording of subcontractors’ sessions, LDAP connection for user, group and authorization management, storage saving, log production.

A flexible solution to be deployed in the UHC ecosystem

This virtual solution, which is very low in power consumption, is positioned in cut-off mode from the VPN output. Its positioning allows to give the participants only the strictly necessary accesses: no complex firewall rules, only RDP and SSH protocols for the appliance are authorized.

When leaving VPN, the speakers connect to it, and icons representing the authorized servers are displayed. All they have to do is select the desired access, accept the privacy policy, and the connection is initiated. We conduct sample checks, allowing us to remind stakeholders of certain good practices when improper behaviour is identified. We send the newspapers in our SIEM.

Easy to administer on a daily basis

There was a certain risk in choosing a young company, but there were also two advantages: an appropriate budgetary positioning vis-à-vis the competition, and an obvious dynamism. This dynamism was confirmed very quickly during the implementation and then during the first calls for support, extremely responsive and always very professional.

In the end, the solution is resource-efficient, requires little administration and features are constantly being added.

It’s a successful project!

Michael ROMAN – CHU de Nîmes