Why have an administration bastion?

The PROVE IT software solution is a federated portal that traces sensitive internal and external access to the information system.

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Privileged users

External remote maintenance

External service providers regularly operate on your IS in particular as part of remote maintenance contracts, etc.

Internal Administrator

Internally, administrators with extended powers can operate on your critical servers.

Critical servers

Your servers contain sensitive data or applications that must be protected to ensure the business continuity and sustainability.
It could be a file management server, radiotherapy equipment within a hospital or a production line.

“A genuine IS security policy includes
traceability and control
of privileged users.

Why have an
administration bastion?

The administration bastion creates a single access for all your connections: internal or external.
That is the assurance you need to manage your sensitive access, but also to ensure your GDPR General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

  • Any action on a critical server must be monitored, traced and easily identifiable.
  • Anyone with privileged rights must be clearly identified and their access restricted.

Secondary ID Vault

Its secured integrated secondary ID vault enhances the security of access by privileged accounts by not disclosing direct access credentials to critical servers.

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