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Understanding the specific characteristics of your sector means providing you with a response to your specific constraints and regulatory environment.

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In a hospital or healthcare establishment, the person connected to the IS could be a doctor accessing sensitive information such as patient data, or a technician adjusting the temperature of the kitchen equipment, or somebody visiting to maintain radiotherapy equipment, scanners, etc.
With the digitisation of all processes and their centralisation, a health care institution’s information system involves a large number of people working on a wide-range of tasks.

Challenges in a health care institution:

A security incident can have a direct impact on the availability and quality of the care provided.

  • To guarantee the quality and continuity of care, you must be able to ensure the integrity and availability of the IS.
  • To ensure that professional secrecy IS respected in all circumstances, the business must ensure the information chain IS confidential and protect itself from any data leakage, as well as preventing unsolicited access to the IS.
  • The establishment is liable and must be able to ensure the traceability of the actions carried out on its information system.

The requirement

In health care institutions, the need is therefore to answer to all the challenges raised:

  • Resolve unavailability issues arising from work on the IS, and above all, correct them as quickly as possible
  • Limit privileged account access to preserve confidentiality and limit the risk of data leaks,
  • Trace all interventions on the IS.

to be implemented

Rubycat’s PROVE IT administration bastion provides you with the necessary control and traceability with GDPR, HOP’EN and account certification.
Its federated portal is an autonomous and non-invasive unit that allows you to interface quickly and simply with the range of equipment used in your HIS.


Implementing this federated portal provides a concrete response to all the challenges health care facilities experience, with in particular:

  • Support for RDP and SSH protocols;
  • Recording the progress of privileged account sessions;
  • A connection to user, group and authorisation management tools;
  • Advanced auditability based on events and audit logs for the traceability of internal and external connections as well as administration operations.

The strategic roadmap for French hospital information systems

The HOP’EN programme (Digital Hospital Open to its Environment) set up by the French Ministry of Health aims to accelerate the digital transition of the health system.
Beginning as a digital hospital plan, this programme (2018-2022) includes important components relating to information system security and confidentiality.

Rubycat tracks current regulations in your sector to support you as effectively as possible to achieve compliance and offer you products which match your obligations.

Control of sensitive access to the Nîmes University Hospital

When we launched the project to monitor the activity of our subcontractors, we had a choice between several major market players.

Then we heard about a very young company, Rubycat, and its PROVE IT solution.

After the product demonstration, the solution offered the expected functionalities: support for RDP and SSH protocols,…

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