bastion topology

Easy to install and deploy, flexible to administer, our administration bastion interfaces easily with the existing environment.

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on a virtual machine

Ideally, the PROVE IT software solution is installed on a dedicated virtual machine and is used to interrupt the flow between privileged user (internal and external) workstations and target servers.
The PROVE IT administration bastion complements the use of traditional security solutions such as secure remote access solutions, etc.
It is positioned as close as possible to the target servers to trace the operations performed during accesses by your privileged accounts.

with the existing environment

PROVE IT interfaces with many existing solutions to reinforce the security already implemented on your IS:

  • Logging hubs (syslog connector)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions
  • VPN solutions (IPsec and SSL VPN)
  • Firewall

Whether for authentication, logging or security event management, the PROVE IT Privileged Access Management solution is an essential part of managing your IS.

Quick to install and roll out

Integration is helped by an extremely easy-to-implement solution. Ideally deployed at your site on a virtual machine, it can be installed in less than an hour.
We supply a pre-packaged platform that is simple and quick to integrate.

Non-invasive, autonomous solution

PROVE IT does not need a specific agent to be installed either on client workstations or on target servers, which makes the deployment totally transparent.
Its interfacing, exclusively on flow protocols, also provides a secure filtering which complements auditability features.

Easily take ownership

Whether configuring the tool or managing it, but also from the user perspective, the PROVE IT solution is simple to use.
We provide you and your users with simple and intuitive interfaces.

In practice

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