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Your business context:

As recent events have shown, local and regional authorities are also targeted by cyber attacks. And in the event of proven misconduct, the sanctions incurred can be particularly severe.

For example, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to strengthen the rights of individuals, empower data controllers and lend credibility to regulation, can lead to significant sanctions for local authorities in the event of non-compliance with the law.

An important part of this regulation refers to the default security obligation and leads to a reinforcement of IS security.

The challenges for national and local authorities, schools, etc.:

National and local authorities, as well as schools, are working with increasing data volumes, some of them particularly sensitive. National digital legislation highlights major concerns for the protection of information systems. 

Thus, for example, local authorities hold important files (civil status, etc.) that must be protected from any attempt at falsification as well as a council’s accounts, public consultation files, etc.

The requirement

For national and local authorities, as well as the world of education, the need is therefore to answer to all the issues raised:

  • Limit privileged account access to preserve confidentiality and limit the risk of data leaks,
  • Trace all critical interventions on the IS to meet regulatory constraints (GDPR, etc.)
  • In the event of an incident, be able to provide prompt evidence, in particular to report the incident if necessary, and to remedy it promptly.

Solution to be implemented

Rubycat’s PROVE IT administration bastion provides you with control and traceability of the actions performed by privileged accounts.
Its federated portal is an autonomous and non-invasive unit that allows you to interface quickly and simply with sensitive environments.


Implementing the bastion provides a concrete response to all the security challenges of privileged access, in particular through:

  • Native support for RDP and SSH protocols;
  • Control of unsolicited access;
  • Advanced auditability based on events and audit logs for the traceability of internal and external connections as well as administration operations;
  • Recording the progress of privileged account sessions.

The PROVE IT solution can be purchased through public purchasing groups (e.g. UGAP in France)
The solution is also referenced by Groupe Logiciel, the French inter-university research working group.

Regulatory context

Meeting the security requirements of your business sector is a major and complex challenge, find out more about our regulatory focus.

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The PROVE IT software solution controls, traces and records IS-sensitive connections.


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