Securing Sensitive Access

What is privileged access management?

A Privileged Access Management solution, or PAM, enables your organisation to protect you from inappropriate use of privileged access by ensuring that:

  • Access restrictions are established, to grant users rights only to the systems on which they must actually operate, in the authorised time slot.
  • A record is kept of all connections made and actions carried out on the systems by users.

The advantages of an administration bastion

To answer your PAM challenge, Rubycat provides an administration bastion.
A single and unavoidable access point for all your sensitive connections, the administration bastion is positioned as a disconnect between both external and internal IS access. Therefore, ideally this bastion is located on the internal network to ensure its function as a centralised access portal to resources. 

Secondary ID Vault

For increased security, a bastion ideally includes a secondary ID vault to prevent unsolicited access to the IS by prohibiting direct access to resources.

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